Monday, June 1, 2015

Dinge wofür ich dankbar bin

Guten Morgen liebe Sorgen, seid ihr auch schon alle da? 

Naja, Guten Morgen! Can somebody google that line of that song for me? It's apparently a song that came out while Präsident Kohler was on his mission. He references it sometimes. Anyway. As for more important things...


Sister Bishop always laughs because she says I have a song for everything. Not really. But it's only June 1st once a year, right?

Heute wollte ich ein Paar dinge mit euch teilen, wofür ich sehr dankbar bin. In other words, today I want to share with y'all a couple things for which I'm really, super grateful. 

1. The really wonderful missionaries around me.

I have no doubt that many of the people I have the privilege of being around every day are going to be in my life for a really, really, long time. At least, I will do absolutely everything within my power to make that happen. I've felt so much support from other missionaries when I've struggled, and want to do absolutely anything I can to support the people around me. There's just so much love. And nobody else quite understands what your mission during your 18 months to 2 years was like...except for the people who were there. 

Also, I got kinda sick this week. I woke up Thursday morning feeling completely fine, but after I got out of the shower kinda felt like I was going to faint. So I went and laid down on the floor where Sister Bishop found me - and then spent most of the morning freezing and shaking and super nauseous. Woooooohoo. But Sister Bishop just showed me nothing but charity and did absolutely everything imaginable to make me feel better. And then, one of the Ehepaars (senior couples), when they heard of our homebound plight, brought us soda and muffins and an Elder Holland book to read - and when one of the sets of Elders heard, they offered to go out of their way to bring us some Church movies we didn't have to watch. Like, what? Why is everyone so kind?

I love how systematically the church is set up. On missions we have companionships and districts and zones and missions, and in life we have families and wards and stakes and young mens/womens/quorum/relief society organizations and visiting teaching and home teaching and it's all just set up so that there's always people to help each other. And it's inspired.

With Elder Hunt, who was in the same MTC group as
Sister Bushman, and is now Zone Leader in Stuttgart 

2. The Grace of Christ

So, grace is something that I've never understood very well. This week Sister Bishop and I listened to one of her favorite devotionals e-ver, given by Brad Wilcox who is both the dean of her college at school, and Sister Gassin's uncle. (Shout out!) It just explains the Latter-Day Saint perspective on grace so beautifully and clearly and I wish it was scripture. (Is that blasphemous?) It's titled "His Grace is Sufficient," is beautifully and concisely written, and will even make you laugh once or twice.

Either way, if you do nothing else today, please read it. It will inspire you to be a better person.

3. Berries

So, you know Haribo. Like, the gummi bears company. Haribo makes a lot of stuff that never made it to America. And there's one called. Berries. And I'm addicted and it's non-arguably the best Haribo out there and if you disagree you're wrong.

Sorry, I'm like super passionate about these things. Also, it's "summer fruit season," and Sister Bishop and I are rejoicing. Especially Sister Bishop. We've got big containers of Peaches, Nectarines, and Apricots at home. We just eat yummy fruit all the time. And there is a strawberry field a 5-minute walk from our house that we discovered last we're going to try and go there and buy some real berries too.

4. Sister Bishop's Showtime CD

Sister Bishop has this CD called "Showtime!" which is MoTab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) singing a bunch of songs from musicals, and one or two from movies. We started listening to it last week. I've been missing theatre just so much, but somehow it's not making me trunky. It just feels like coming home to a warm fire or something. (Anyone get that District quote?) And Sister Bishop asks me about all the shows where the songs are from, and I feel all special giving her the deets on Secret Garden and Carousel and stuff. 

5. Stuttgart Ward

I am just really, really grateful that they let me, twerpy little missionary Sister Bushman come and serve in one of the most wonderful wards on the planet. 

Sending love to Japan, Taiwan, Kuwait, England, Ireland, Canada, America, the DR, Chile, and everywhere else in-between that currently houses people I love.

Life is hard. But the Gospel is real.

Make good choices. ;)


Sister Bushman

P.S.  Title translation:  "Things I'm Grateful For"

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