Monday, June 15, 2015

(Change) is in the air

Sister Bishop and I just finished up eating a little carton of freshly picked strawberries we bought on the way to the church. We've been going exploring in the past few weeks during Frühsport (exercise early in the morning,) because if we stay inside it's really easy to not really move. We found beautiful fields of corn and wheat and strawberries. This morning we saw about 4 people kneeling in the strawberry fields, at work. We think that these came straight from there!

This was a good week, although, to be frank, I'm feeling a little lazy to write much. I guess I'm starting to feel how long I've been out here. Missions are wonderful and I've learned so much in the past year (it will be a whole year this week, da heck?) but I guess I'm losing energy for the superfluous things that aren't the actual missionary work. But a lot of changes are in store. First of all, we're headed to München on Wednesday because it's 100% officially happening: iPads. I can't decide if I'm incredibly super stoked, or almost don't want them. I'm excited because we'll have easier access to videos and scriptures and other resources which will REALLY enhance our teaching, and we'll have more tools to use for our German study, but I kind of like living like a caveman with no more technology than a hair straightener and a brick phone. But it's part of moving the work forward, and for that I'm excited.

I'm starting to try and mentally prepare myself for leaving Stuttgart. It's always a possibility that I could stay, but considering I've been here for 5 transfers (longer than normal,) I think I'm definitely out. I just have no idea where. It seems like most Sister areas that should be changing this next transfer already house Sisters who will probably train, or I've already served there, or something random like that. It seems like Singen, (shout-out for Sister Freimann!) or Graz, or Passau. But I learned early on that it's dumb and worthless trying to guess transfers, so that is the extent that I'm going to think about it until Saturday when we find out. But sheeeeeesh! I just love this ward. I feel like I'm leaving my homeward again; I just have like a knot in my stomach about it. I want to keep working with the cool people we found and get free fries from our investigator with a Döner shop and keep befriending the Italians with the Gelato shop around the corner from us who keep speaking to us in Italian even though we still cannot speak Italian.

Sister Bushman near the Stuttgart church building

Sidenote, German cheesecake is much better than American cheesecake, and I was craving it this week. So good.

But the work in Stuttgart is good. I wish I could sleep for 2 weeks to super-charge myself so that I could power forward like a robot, but that's not really a thing. I guess God always uses imperfect and tired people to accomplish His purposes, and it's worked so far. 

"I can't go on! I'm going on."

Vorwärts, Christi Jünger!  (Onward,Christina Soldiers!)

LG,  (Liebe Gruse . . . best wishes)

Sister B

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  1. She makes me smile. I am excited to hear about transfers when they come, she really has put down roots in Stuttgart! I hope she is able to serve in one of Sherry's areas, that would be so fun. OH! Sherry is coming to visit Nicolas in July! Johannes's mission president (the Freestones, from Independence MO) is coming home, and since he is the only Greece missionary in the US, his dad is flying them out for the homecoming and they have plans to see Nicolas too for sure. They will be there the third or fourth weekend of July, I'll let you know when they are flying in =).