Monday, November 16, 2015

Therefore, they hushed their fears

Hey folks.

I'm really sad to hear about what happened in Paris. In actuality, I haven't heard much - people tend to assume I already know what is going on in the world and therefore only tell me tiny pieces of news...but I've eventually pieced it together. Disturbing stuff. I've been praying for the families of those people since we heard of it; we were in the mall today and they had a moment of silence, all across Europe. It really was beautiful. These moments are the ones that really strengthen my faith, though. Because in these kinds of situations, the Gospel is the only thing that brings comfort. I read David A. Bednar's General Conference talk from this past Spring, "Therefore they Hushed their Fears" about dispelling worldly fears through Godly fear this morning. It brought me a lot of comfort. It took me a while to read (it's pretty dense doctrine,) but I encourage you to study it this week. What I really love the most about the Gospel is the fuller understanding of our purpose in life here on the earth. It just puts everything in perspective. Here it is:

Our week wasn't the most exciting we've had, because I got kinda sick. And then Sister Bishop got sick too. We were homebound for about 3 days, which is an eternity if you are a missionary. We were so stir crazy by the end of it! And we had to cancel some appointments, which was a bummer. But we both feel a lot better now! And Sister Bishop was basically the cutest person ever and took care of me so well, so I have no complaints. :)

Before we got sick and incredibly boring, we had Zone Training! And then we had tausch! I got to go to München again with Sister Brinkerhoff, Sister Berry's new companion. She is super cute and was just trained by Sister Angeloudis (who is from my group and I adore,) so it was fun hearing stories and stuff about how she's doing. :) 

With Sister Brinkerhoff in front of the
statue that welcomes people to Passau

At Zone Training with Sister Cherrington (her "daughter" who she trained)
and with Sister Miller (her "granddaughter" who Sister Cherrington trained)

A few weeks ago as I had my interview with Präsident Kohler, he invited me to start thinking about things I've learned on my mission. He'll ask in my exit interview. I've been pondering that a lot this week. It's hard to put a year and a half into simple statements and words. I'm still feeling pretty scatter-brained, but I think one of the most long-lasting, impactful lessons I've learned is about faith, and what faith is, and what it is not, and how it can strengthen us. I've come to learn that faith is one of the most powerful things on the entire planet. That, and I have learned that faith is a choice. So often we want to see miracles to strengthen our faith - but really, when we truly believe and know that God is there and believe in His majesty and abilities, that's when the miracles happen.

Just a snippet.

I love you so much.

Sister Bushman

More photos: . . . visiting castle ruins outside of Passau last P-day.

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