Monday, July 27, 2015

2 Nuns, 2 Missionaries, and a Dentist


First of all, as the title would suggest, I got (is that the right word for it?) to go to the dentist this week! Great fun. Not really. I bit into a piece of puffed rice chocolate (like a German crunch bar, but not) last week that broke the filling encasing my permanent retainer last week. UGH. So I had to search out a dentist and plead for mercy. I'm always stressed out to go into that type of situation, because my German ability tends to go out the window when I'm A. In a stressful situation, and B. Need to know words that I don't know. For example, being in a dentist office. When I went to a doctor last time, I got so flustered that Sister Bishop had to translate for me, haha. But it wasn't so bad this time. The best part of the whole situation is that when we walked into the waiting room there were only 2 people already there...2 nuns. So 2 nuns and 2 missionaries were sitting in a dentist's office. It sounds like the start of some joke.  It got fixed in like, 10 minutes though. And now I'll always have a little piece of Germany with me...attached to the back of my teeth?

Sister Bushman -- with a little piece of Germany in her mouth!
In other important news that doesn't have to do with my teeth, I went on earlier this week and saw that Laura Osnes did a concert with MoTab to do a Broadway themed concert on Pioneer Day? Excuse me. Do you mean to tell me that MoTab, Laura Osnes, Pioneers, and Broadway all came together for an evening? Excuse me, but that's like ALL OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. I tried to watch a clip of it through the MoTab website, but the videos are linked through YouTube and YouTube is blocked in the church. Gah! Will somebody please go watch it and tell me what they sang and how wonderful it was? I even saw that she's wearing suspiciously modest formalwear. Ach! Fabulous. Someone go watch it for me!

This week we experimented using an Umfrage (survey) while dooring. We had talked about it at Zone training - somebody had had this idea of using a survey as a means of starting conversations with people at the door. I've done very little dooring on my mission (Wien and Stuttgart both have a lot of foot traffic, so we just focused on street contacting,) but there's less foot traffic in Passau so we decided to give it a try. It was so fun! Within 45 minutes we had 2 people who said we could come back, both of which were super cool. The questions
are like, "Is having a strong family important to you?" And "do you believe in God?" And "do you pray, and if so, do you believe that God answers prayers?" It's been really fun watching people think about and answer these questions. It's also a lot easier to simply ask someone if they can participate in a 5-minute survey. Hooray!

A beautiful view of Passau

Yesterday we had a lesson with this cool family we know. I was honestly a little scared because they have 4 daughters - and I'm sometimes afraid of not knowing how to handle kids. (haha, I'm so awkward.) but it was SO FUN. At one point I was just sitting on the ground in my skirt with a 9-year-old, 6-year-old, and 4-year-old all around me, chatting it up. They were braiding my hair and we sang "Let it Go" together and I asked them about their lives and they tried to guess how old I am, and it was just so fun. It was a beautiful, cool
Sunday evening, and they were headed out to visit their grandma after we were there. It made me really excited about having my own family one day - and just hanging out together and going on family adventures on a Sunday evening. It was really nice.

Also, the dad asked me (and Sister Berry) if I had a Führerschein (driver's license) because it's a much bigger deal in DE to have one, not everybody does. And we both said yes and I showed him my license...and he goes, "do you know who you look EXACTLY like in this photo?"


So that was a first.

I'm really excited because I get to ACTUALLY tausch this week with Sister Arnold! Our last exchange had to be cancelled because there was a problem somewhere on the tracks between München and Passau. (#passauproblems #sofaraway :) so that'll be fun!

And, one more thing, when looking around at the videos that we can download onto the iPad, we stumbled upon all of these TV ads (?) for the church from like a decade ago and this one is my FAVORITE and I watch it over and over during lunch because I just think it's so funny. So enjoy!


Sister Bushman

Sister Bushman's Mom here:  Some food photos . . . 

Sister Berry made this "face" lunch for Sister Bushman one day
From Sister B.:  "If you translate this directly-directly,
then this smoothie has a testimony of yogurt!"

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