Monday, January 26, 2015


It's snowing today. 

Sister Threlkeld and I have concluded that snow is about a bazillion times better than rain; snow is pretty and you can sing about how it's "on your nose and eye lashes," while the rain gets in your boots and numbs your toes all day. I had a weird moment this week. I opened up my closet to get dressed, and realized that I didn't want to wear anything. I've finally been out on my mission long enough that I'm bored of my clothes! That's got to be some kind of bench mark. I'm over 7 months! What? I'm long enough out that I know my favorite Ritter Sport (Vanille Kipferl & Schoko Mousse,) I'm bored of my wardrobe, and when missionaries talk about other missionaries, I know who they are talking about a lot. 

Holy cow, Sister Threlkeld and I had such a good week. When I showed up last transfer, there were a few people who we were working with, but it was kind-of a transitiony phase and therefore our investigator pool wasn't huge. Sister Threlkeld and I have been trying really hard to find some more people to work with, and we've seen God making SO many miracles happen. We taught so many lessons this week - like, twice than normal. It was so cool. 

By the way. Something big happened last week. I got my ears pierced. That's right! Funny story with that...Sister Threlkeld has adopted herself as my surrogate sister, and therefore decided that I needed to have my ears pierced. So we made a deal - we both made goals of how many people we wanted to talk to/have good gospel conversations with every day of last week. We made them so they would stretch us a bit. Then, if we both succeeded, I would get my ears pierced. Well, it happened! (And we found 2 new investigators in the meantime. :)) One of the awesome members in Gemeinde (ward) Stuttgart wanted to come so we went with her and her adorable 5-year-old last Monday. And then it was done! I didn't die, luckily, and I have silver kugels in my ears. :P I even wrote to President about it in my weekly letter. I received back from him "Awesome. Can't wait to see your ears. Just make sure to stop at one." Haha.

And we did see him the next day, since we had interviews! I love interviews with President because you just get to sit down and ask him questions or tell him about how things are going and it's really great to get advice and stuff. What was funniest is the first thing he said was, "I guess the first thing I should follow up on is how the ear-piercing went!" But in actuality, he gave me a lot of great advice. And then, when we had bi-distrikt training later, he was talking about how we should use goal setting more effectively, and he was like "Elders, this isn't as applicable to you, but you could even get your ears pierced, like Sister Bushman!" and all the Elders turned and looked at me and it was hilarious. Like, whatever works!

Speaking of, funny moment. So this week we were walking down Königstraße, and these two girls with a huge CAMERA and MICROPHONE came and stopped us. The camera said something to the effect of "Church channel" and they were like, "What are your expectations for the future?" At first we were kind of flustered, but then I just went off about how we were missionaries and how we try and help people who are hopeless and down-trodden partake of the joy that Christ can bring and all this stuff and then walked away giggling because we totally crashed some other religion's TV show. 

We do a LOT of things as missionaries. Find, teach, baptize, reactivate, retain...Sherlock Holmes. But seriously. Sometimes, when inactive members of the church move (etc.) there are these people on the ward list who are total mysteries, and the ward will ask the missionaries to try and figure out who they are/if they still live there when they're working in the area of some of these people. We had an evening without many fest plans, so we decided to trek southward to the area of the airport to try and track this lady down. We found her house and asked about her, and the lady there said that she didn't live there, but that she had gotten married and to look up "so-n-so" in some different town...we literally felt like super sleuths, even if it took a bit of time. And then we were like, wait. This would have taken 5 MINUTES if we had IPads. Ahh. One day soon. (We're still waiting...France has IPads, Sweden has Iphones, one day we'll join the party!) :)

Man, we're so out of the loop as missionaries. I received a letter this week in which this girl was like "You probably heard already about this one thing that happened..." and I realized that I had absolutely no idea what on earth she was talking about. And I've been long enough out on my mission that when random people want to talk about American politics, I can honestly be like "I have no clue. Sorry." And then change the subject back to the gospel again. :)

By the way, I want to share this video. We were just clicking through Mormon messages with someone this week, and we watched "The Will of God." I just had never seen it before - and I think it greatly brings things into perspecive. 

Schöne Woche! Ich habe euch Lieb!

Sister Bushman

Sister Bushman's Mom here:  One additional photo!

On Sunday the Sisters went with the Elders to deliver the sacrament to a ward
member int the hospital, and they came upon this lovely statue of Christ.

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