Monday, October 6, 2014


Hallo liebe Freunde!

First of all, before I say anything else, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, PETER!!! I sent you a package, it should get there soon.

Okay. HOW great was General Conference? (the semi-annual conference for the worldwide LDS church)  It was interesting to watch it here in Europe, because the timing was totally off! Saturday morning we watched the Women`s Meeting from last week, and then Saturday night we watched the Saturday morning session live. On Sunday, the Priesthood meeting was screened in the morning, we watched Saturday afternoon session in the afternoon, and we watched the Sunday morning session live that night. I still haven't seen the Sunday afternoon session, so no spoilers! :) It was cool to watch all the sessions in a Stake Center in Vienna, surrounded by a bunch of other missionaries and members. It was so cool that some of the speakers gave their talks in their native languages! It`s like we are really a world-wide church. My favorite talk was from Elder Jörg Klebingat. Go look it up! It`s way good. 

We also all got a big kick out of when President Eyring was doing the sustaining of the authorities, and he pronounced Dieter F. Uchtdorf`s middle name as "Fredericks" instead of "Friedrich". We all giggled a bit. It`s fun living in a German-speaking country.

Saturday, before conference, my distrikt in addition to the International Ward Elders all went together to Herb`s. Herb`s is this schnitzel place that missionaries have been frequenting for years and years. It`s not actually called Herb`s (Schnitzelwird 52 I think?), but that`s what we all call it! It's so fun - they know us there, and will seat us and give us all water (instead of alkohol) without question, because they know we don`t drink. It`s always a little funny to walk in because a group of 8-12 young people in suits and long dresses definitely stick out, but they`re super nice and always happy to see us, so that was a really fun way to begin conference weekend!
At Herb's with Sister Freimann and our steins of water!
Random thing, I`ve really grown to love the morning routine of missionaries. I look forward to getting up in the morning because it`s so enjoyable. The alarm goes off at 6:30, and Sister Freimann and I put on our tennis shoes and go running. (I`ve started memorizing scriptures sometimes as we run, too.) We`re back by 7 and I hop in the shower and get ready, and then have my regular hard boiled egg, Müsli/vanille yogurt combo, and glass or orange juice, and then we start personal studies by 8. It`s a type of regularity I hope I`ll take with me after my mission. It`s so nice starting the day with exercise and decent fuel - and then filling up spiritually. :) 

I hope you're all doing well. Can you believe it`s already Oktober? I`ll be Skyping for home for Christmas before we know it.


Sister Bushman
P.S.  Some fun photos from the week:  Sister Freimann and I took a photo shoot in our apartment with both our dirndls and some lederhosen sweat pants and shorts.

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  1. LEDERHOSEN SWEAT PANTS???!!!! BRILLIANT! They can sleep in them =D
    She is going to change many lives during her mission, what a sweetheart!