Monday, September 15, 2014

According to Your Faith

The reflection in the glass hides
the fact that Sister Smiley is on
that train to Augsburg, Germany.
The first whole week of the new transfer starts today! Last week on Thursday was transfer day. Many of the missionaries in Wien came to the train station to see Elder Kingrey, Elder Pingel, and Sister Smiley off at the train station. I didn't think I would, but ended up fighting tears the entire time. Transfer day stinks! I think all the other missionaries at the station were pitying this poor little Golden experiencing the heartbreak of saying good-bye to missionaries in the field for the first time. BUT - fun thing - we got to 'run' the missionaries 'off' at the train station. Basically, the missionaries that are staying walk (and then run) alongside the train as it leaves until we can't keep up anymore. It was sad waving Sister Smiley away, but I know she is going to do incredible things in Augsburg. Also, between her and red-headed Elder Pingel and brown-haired Elder Kingrey on a compartment train they were just like Harry there's that.
At the train station saying goodbye to Sister Smiley
At a special women's meeting broadcast in Europe.  L to R: Sister Parker, Sister Threlkeld,
Sister Freimann, Sister Bushman, Sister Smith, Sister Smiley, and Sister Tew

What sister missionaries do...walk!  With Sister Freimann and Sister Smiley

Since then, Sister Freimann and I are learning how to be normal missionaries again...without a second companion and without a second area. It's really nice to be able to focus on a single ward. Elder Pugmire who is in Wien 1 is training this transfer, so we've acquired Elder Brady, fresh from the MTC. There's two Goldens in one ward! (I'll lose this status after next transfer.)  
I've been studying a lot about faith this week. I'm currently at Alma in the Book of Mormon. I noticed a certain trend, and then started looking through the rest of the scriptures, and found it throughout!

And then, behold, according to your desires, yea, even according to your faith shall it be done unto you. (D&C 11:17)
Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you. (Matt. 9:29)

And according to his faith there was a mighty change wrought in his heart. Behold I say unto you that this is all true. (Alma 5:12)

Gather together whatsoever force ye can upon your march hither, and we will go speedily against those dissenters, in the strength of our God according to the faith which is in us. (Alma 61:17)

‘According to our/their/his/her faith’ is all over the scriptures. And it got me thinking. When we pray, we ask God for blessings, and things that we need. But we legitimately have to have faith in order for anything to happen.  It reminds me of when Dad could give money to charity at his work, and they would match his donation. God can do all things, but when we ask for specific things, He is only going to ‘match’ us with those blessings according to the faith that we have. That being said, God knows us perfectly. And he knows when things are hard. And he knows when we are trying our best.

At the home of Franz Schubert
I’m grateful to be out in this beautiful land where the musical greats lived, doners are plentiful, and it’s not weird for adults to ride scooters around the streets.  I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to be out here with my European brothers and sisters, telling them about the greatest thing that has ever happened.

Have a good week!

Sister Bushman

(Oh, P.S. – we checked out Belvedere Palace last P-day…they just don’t make ‘em that way in America!)

Belvedere Palace complex was built as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Can you tell I feel at home on the grounds of a palace!

A Belvedere selfie!

The Baroque Palace was completed in 1723.

Not bad for a summer home!

Sister Smiley and I touching our last building together!

By a beautiful fountain

Another Belvedere fountain

The gardens are gorgeous!

Saying goodbye to Sister Smiley at Belvedere

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  1. FABULOUS photos! She is so darling, and yes she looks like a princess right at home at that palace! Love this letter and her sweet, happy nature.