Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Goodbye England . . . Hello Munich!

Sister Bushman's Mom speaking here:
Sister Bushman is in transition right now and we will not hear from her until next week, so I thought I would fill in as guest blogger.  Friday we heard from the President's office at the MTC (Missionary Training Center), informing us that she would be leaving England on Wednesday, July 30th for Munich, Germany.  Here are the official pictures of the groups that would be leaving on that day:

"The Kimball Zone" -- which is primarily the Alpine-German Speaking missionaries,
preparing to leave England in four days (Sister B. is in the tan dress in the middle).

The Alpine German-Speaking (AGS) missionaries are at the MTC for six weeks, and the English Language-Speaking (ELS) missionaries are there for two weeks.  During Sister Bushman's duration at the MTC she met and interacted with three different groups.  The ELS missionaries will serve in all areas of the British Isles.  The photo below are both the AGS and ELS missionaries that would be leaving the same day to start their missions:

Sister Bushman is on her knees, third from the left.
We heard from Sister Bushman briefly yesterday, telling us that she would be leaving at 4:45 AM on Wednesday the 30th for Munich.  She sent one more picture of the AGS missionaries the day before they left.  Her district's German teacher is on the far left, Brother Eckelt.

The sister missionaries proudly hold the three flags of the countries
where they will be serving.  Sister Bushman holds the Austrian flag.
Just an hour ago we heard from President Kohler in Munich, assuring us that Sister Bushman had arrived safely and after a long day of orientation was tucked away in bed.  He then told us where she will first be serving.  Here is a clue:


If you need another clue:

Your last clue:

If you guessed the State Opera, Johann Strauss II, and Schonbrunn Palace, then you'll know she will be going to VIENNA, AUSTRIA!  President Kohler kindly sent us two pictures of her arrival in Munich today.

Sister Bushman points to Vienna on a map of Austria, and holds up
a picture of Sister Friemann, from Germany, who will train her.

Sister Bushman with President and Sister Kohler in Munich.

From now on, the weekly blog post will no longer be on Wednesday.  It will be on MONDAY.  I'm sure she will tell you all about her first assignment in detail, so we will see you next Monday!

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